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Another Write on Edge Challenge!

Since I enjoyed my little Suess story last week, I decided to do another writing prompt for Write On Edge.  This time the prompt was the image of a crystal sphere and a lakeside castle, so I turned out a little unhappy fairy tale.  Enjoy!


“Woman!” Jeffery yelled from inside his chambers.  “Where is my dinner?  I demand food!”

But the king received no answer.  Angrily, he stomped out of bed and flung open the doors to the hallway, continuing to yell.  Normally, this would have brought servants running from every level of the castle to attend to him.  But all Jeffery heard in response was in his own echoes.

“Where in heaven’s name have those fools gone?” Jeffery muttered, his royal robes fluttering about him as he walked around the halls.  He continued to call for some to attend him, but as he walked through more and more of his grand palace, he began to think something was wrong.  No matter where he went, he found nothing but empty rooms.

“How dare they abandon me!  I shall have their heads!” Jeffery yelled, his fear buried in the sound of his angry voice.  He stalked his way to the kitchen and flung the door open.  But inside, he found foodstuffs still waiting to be prepared, and cooking fires roaring over spitted food that had long ago burned. Puzzled, with his fear growing by the moment, Jeffrey moved to the spit and removed it, only to drop the hot metal in anguish a second later.

“What… what madness is this?” he said aloud, as he cradled his burned hand.  Frantically, he began to call for help, this time straining his mind to remember the name of at least one servant.

“Vanessa!  Girl, please!  I am hurt!  I need your help!”

But still he heard nothing but silence.  In panic, Jeffrey ran for the great doors and pushed them open.  Standing in front of his lake castle, he screamed, “WHERE IS EVERYONE!”


“Hey c’mon Vanessa!  Let me see!  I wanna see!”

“Not yet,” Vanessa said, as she pushed her rbother away.  “There is still much I need to do here.  Go help the others load the wagons.”

Her brother sulked, but walked away to do as he was told.  Smiling, Vanessa held up the glass orb and gazed inside, to the little castle sitting on a glass lake, and the little figure in front of it.
“You should have learned to hold your tongue, my Lord,” Vanessa whispered.

“Especially in MY presence,” the little witch added.

The King On His Throne – Write on Edge Challenge

Hey everyone, decided to try the Write on Edge challenge today. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Write on Edge posts weekly writing prompts that anyone can participate in – you simply link up your post on the website. This week we were prompted to compose up to 500 words on the following Dr. Seuss quote and image:

“I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues.” – Dr. Seuss, from The Lorax

Dr. Seuss puzzles

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