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Big News

Big announcement everyone. After months of work, I’m pleased to announce I have completed the first draft of The Lightrider Journals sequel- Equites. I’ve still got plenty of editing to do, but as of right now, we can start looking forward to the next adventure of Joe, Nightstalker, and all the rest. And if you want a hint as to the plot, look up the title (hint, it’s Latin). And since you’ve all hopefully had a chance to read the first book by now, I’m interested in your feedback as I start editing. So please, drop a comment about what you liked, what you didn’t, what I can do to imprve things for this new tale. Remember, I’m nothing with you guys and what you have to say, so feel free to write whatever you have to say!

Points of Light: Music

Last week, I discussed how a video game gave me inspiration for the worlds and diverseness of Lightrider. And since I’ve already discussed TV and literature, I’d like to discuss another aspect that helped in a particular area of the book’s development- my love of music. Obviously, this didn’t mean I was now writing about rock stars, but as Zelda helped me to create a diverse, rich world, music helped me to create real people to populate it.

Points of Light: Music

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The Book Writing (and Editing) Process: Character Development

snoopy_writingOnce you have a great story truly thought out and planned, with all the details placed for maximum effect, then there is only one question left- who’s going to do it all?

Face it, the plot of any story is secondary to the characters involved.  If you or your readers don’t care about the characters involved in your story, then it doesn’t matter how many plot twists, crazy action scenes, or other little tricks you throw in (watch a Micheal Bay film; you’ll see it).  It might entertain people for a while, but all the stunts in the world wear out if they’re done by faceless nobodies.

So what does make a good character?  When I started the Lightrider Journals, I worked hard at not only having the Knights as a diverse group of beings that would be unique in a group format, but also have real motivations and drives that people could relate to.  And while everyone was unique, there were a few characters that really challenged me to make them excellent.

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