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Writing Fiction Vs. Nonfiction

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Is it easier to write non-fiction vs. fiction?

I’ve been able to write in both fiction and non-fiction categories over my life.  Is one easier then the other?

In some ways, sure.  But for the most part, it’s very different.

My non-fiction work has largely been news and reporting based.  I’ve written for local newspapers, online sites, and my own blog.  And sometimes it’s very easy.  I get to relate about events that have happened, not something I have to make up and think out.  And voicing my opinion is great.  When I read a great book or see a great movie, there’s nothing better then sharing it with the world.  And believe me, writing a rant about something terrible is the BEST way to get all the disappointment out.  But if you write or blog, then you have to go through a lot of red tape.  Your details, your facts, even your pictures if you have them, all have to be approved.  And if you get things wrong, then you look like a fool.

Fiction’s not like that.  The only one that gets to decide how the story goes is you.  And you can do anything.  You can go to space, to a land filled with monsers, make the Boogeyman real, or just tell a little story about a small town.  Nothing’s off limits.

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