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What Inspired ‘The Lightrider Journals’?

AuthorImageWriting is a career everyone asks questions about.  They want to know what you’re going to write about.  They want to you how you plan to support yourself.  They want to know everything you know or are finding out about the process or how publishing works.  But most of all, they ask one question- Why do you want to write?

For me, it’s simple.  I don’t have a grand design to be looked at as the next great American writer.   I don’t expect people to think of in twenty years as the new Tolkien or Asimov or other great fantasy/sci-fi writer.  When I sat down and seriously began to write The Lightrider Journals, being self-sufficent on writing and getting some credibility was on my mind.  But mainly, I was just eager to start creating my own fantasy world, and using it to talk about what matters to me.

It’s that last one that really matters.  No matter what it is, everyone wants to do something they like for a living.  But if you’re a writer, then you cannot just focus on the act of writing, or the potential rewards.  Let’s be honest, everyone knows writing is not a guarantee and plenty of people have to balance it with another job just to stay afloat.  And while the love of writing may be enough to sustain you through that, be able to write and having something to write are completely different things.  Beyond anything else, you have to look at whatever you have and think, KNOW, that it’s something that needs to be told.  And that when you put it down, that whether people agree with you or not, that it’s something that said what you needed it to say.

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