About the Book

AuthorImageThe Lightrider Journals is a fantasy about the sacrifices and the triumphs that a man has to make to preserve life for the people he leaves behind.  Joe Hashimoto, a family man from Chicago, is plucked from death by the Architects, creators of the Universe itself, to become Lightrider, the earthly representative of Light.  But Joe is not alone; he must lead an unruly band of  half-human Knights, gifted with power over the other elements, in a quest to preserve balance between good and evil.  But to do so, Joe must learn not only to lead his Knights, but to accept the evil that he now must allow for the balance to be kept.  And in the midst of dealing with his responsibilities, and the loss of his old life, Joe and the Knights will face their greatest peril- the Chaos Demons, ancient monsters that work to end all existence.


This is a story of magic and sacrifice, of lost loves, and how a man goes on despite losing everything.  And it is the story of what a man gains that allows him to keep going in the face of eternity.

  1. You wrote a really great pitch. I’m truly intrigued and look forward to reading your book.

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