Monthly Archives: August 2015

Being a Working Writer


Greetings one and all.  I have to apologize for taking so much time between posts, but I have a good reason.  I started a new job and have spent my learning new things and adjusting to a new schedule.  But writing is still my main passions, which led to me to consider the dilemma that many writers and creative people face- how to be financially successful while also feeding our creative impulses.

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that writers and artists should not abandon their impulses strictly for money.  But following those impulses means a difficult path.  Finding a writing job alone is hard, as there is not the kind of demand that jobs in other fields have.  You are not going to go into a job fair and find hundreds of newspapers or writing forums begging to hire you.  You have to find those jobs yourself.  And even then, many of them are selective and will require you to prove yourself.  That is a process that takes time, and will not necessarily feed or clothe you as you do it.

With such odds, it’s not surprising that many creative people have other jobs.  There’s no shame in this, and it does have benefits.  Obviously, pay and insurance come into play at a job, and with those factors in play, creative people have less to worry about and can focus on their craft.  But even that is not a perfect set up, since a job will demand one thing above all else- your time.  While you may be able to provide for yourself and spend time writing or sculpting or whatever all day, you may feel that you now don’t have enough time to do these things, or are exhausted by the job.

These are factors that I can sympathize with, but there is a simple truth- that is the price you have to pay.  Living off creativity is hard and there is no guarantee it will happen.  It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but it does mean rolling up our sleeves and slogging in the real world until we can make our dreams real.  So for those of us that need to do both, I say this- plan.  Plan your time so you can do what you love.  Plan your paycheck so you support yourself and feed your passion.  As hard as it might be, that is the only way to one day be able to live off what you put down on the page.

And as proof things can pay off, I was recently selected as the Indie Author of the Month by bookishjessp’s blog.  Check it out here and keep working on your job and your dream.